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  • Buy an Instant Digital Gift Voucher for Pizza Express and save 10%

  • Spend with Pizza Express just like cash

  • Whatever you don't spend can be kept for the next time you visit Pizza Express

  • Combine your saving with any other offer, promotion or deal

Benefit info

Pizza Express is one of the UK’s most well-known pizza chains. Founded in 1965, they now have more than 400 restaurants in major towns and cities nationwide.

At Pizza Express, you’ll find freshly handmade pizza, pasta, and salads – all made from scratch by their expert chefs. You can save 10% on everything when you buy an instant digital voucher with British Gas Business Benefits.

There’s lots to choose from, with classic bases, extra-thin-and-crispy romana bases, low-cal Leggera bases (under 600 calories per pizza!), and gluten-free options available.

Plus, if your perfect pizza doesn’t exist yet, you can always ask them to create it for you. Since all pizzas are made from scratch at the restaurant, chefs are free to go off-piste and create whatever you’re craving.

Even amore savings

The best thing about this benefit is how you can combine your savings with any existing discounts. Pizza Express run promotional deals all the time, so check their website to see what your closest restaurant has to offer.

Our top tip: since they’re delivered instantly, wait until you’ve got your bill before you order your digital vouchers – that way you won’t end up paying more than necessary.

What’s an instant digital voucher?

You can spend your digital vouchers exclusively with the brand you’ve chosen. They work just like cash and can be used in conjunction with sale items or other promotions.

We’ll apply your discount when you buy your voucher from us.

So buy a voucher worth £100 and you’ll only pay £90.

Instant digital vouchers are delivered to your inbox as soon as you buy them.

Please note: Pizza Express may refer to this product as an ‘eGift voucher’.

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